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What she said

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. I’m about to admire and recommend an article by LV Anderson of Slate.com.

Against foodies: Alison Pearlman’s Smart Casual reviewed

Yes. LV Anderson, the Slate columnist/editor of “You’re Doing It Wrong” infamy, the one who so often makes unnecessary, fussy, time-consuming and sometimes even adverse recommendations for how to “fix” some fairly common and popular foods like chili or muffins. Or guacamole. I’ve disrespected quite a number of her columns over the past year or two, and so have many Slate readers.

But her review of local (LAish) professor Alison Pearlman’s new book on the shallowness of foodieism is really good. It’s thoughtful, sharp and thorough without being annoying.

Anderson has clearly been stuck in an awkward niche for a year or more; her cooking tips are not much to write home about but her book review is, so I’m doing it.

4 Responses

  1. Gah. I HATE that column. I always wonder if the title is supposed to be ironic, b/c everything she does is wrong.

    But if this doesn’t involve screwing up recipes, I’ll take a look.

    (Good to see you back here, BTW)

    • I’m always stymied by her idiosyncratic cooking advice myself (see hamantaschen rant a couple of posts previous) but actually she’s pretty sharp in this article. Good to get back to blogging and not be too cranky about something, somewhere (it won’t last, it’s 100 degrees here today, swelter, swelter, but I’m workin’ on it).

      • Meshugenah is, I think, the best description of the weather. It was 90 in downtown San Francisco yesterday.

        But the anti-foodie article is good; foodies really do tend to be snobs.

      • California is just plain weird, and I’ve been out here 15 years. But when the tomatoes are good, they’re actually good.

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