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    In the frying pan, nearly ready to serve. I made this one with carrots, curry spices, chile-garlic paste, allspice and cinnamon, and a little vinegar and lemon for acidity.

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Steppin’ Out (vicariously) with my Baby

American Diabetes Association 2011 Step Out to Stop Diabetes 5K walk t-shirt

Got the t-shirt

On Sunday morning, my daughter and husband participated in the American Diabetes Association’s Step Out to Stop Diabetes 5K walk in Culver City, the part of LA where Sony keeps its studio headquarters. A friend at our synagogue who’s also Type I diabetic (and she’s an OB/gyn who works crazy MD numbers of hours and does night surgeries as needed) has been incredibly encouraging from the beginning, and she sent my daughter the walk info directly (now that my kid has her own email address and everything–I can’t keep up). And then my kid forwarded it to me. So modern I can’t stand it!

Culver City is on the way out to the Pacific Ocean, and used to be right on my commuter route whenever I was avoiding the 405 freeway (which was nearly every evening) home to Pasadena.  It’s a schlep, in other words. But my 11-year-old got herself up and out in time to get there with her dad, she walked with everyone, got the hat, got the teeshirt, got the gray cat face painted on her arm at the face-painting booth afterward, and I’m just generally proud of her. Also of my husband, who did the schlepping (and of course, he walked too).

Because I couldn’t go this time, I did the other half of the activity–the sponsoring bit. And this year, I’m happy to say, Team USC, made up of my friend’s coworkers, raised the most money of anyone on the LA walk.

If you’d like to join us after the fact, it’s not too late to make a general donation to the ADA, or to donate to a specific walk team in your region. Or to Team USC. Or to my friend’s ADA fundraising page, because without her we wouldn’t have thought of it, and my daughter would probably not yet be as proactive as she is in taking care of herself. When you’re a kid suddenly faced with giving yourself shots and doing fingersticks daily for the  rest of your life, it really helps to know someone encouraging who’s been through it since she was a kid, has been everywhere and done just about everything, and treats the routine as just a normal part of her day.

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